The Ampro LLC Advantage

The Ampro LLC Advantage – Why Choose Our Team?

  • Our Team consists of CPAs and Engineers reviewing the reports from start to finish – not just a sales pitch.
  • Our Engineers perform site visits not CPAs or sales professionals.
  • We stand behind our reports in the event of audit by Federal or State taxing authorities – not pass the buck to your CPA firm who did not prepare the study.
  • Our Engineers were trained by CPAs who are highly knowledgeable on tax law to ensure effective compliance and adherence to Federal and State tax law.
  • We prepare all Form 3115’s in compliance with the new TPR rules and regulations.
  • Our reports are designed to not only be in compliance with the TPR rules, but aid in future record keeping in the event assets are disposed of or replaced with ease of identification to maximize write offs versus carrying those assets on the books for years after replacement.
  • We make sure our clients understand the results and assist them in ensuring the benefits are realized with proper guidance on filing instructions and changes to depreciation schedules – we don’t just hand off our final report.
  • Our reports go into detail, tenant by tenant, suite by suite, not a sampling approach or generic lump sum totals for the entire building’s assets. This is key for identifying assets when a tenant vacates or new tenants are coming in.
  • Our entire Team evaluates the benefits upfront with our clients and their advisors, whether it involves a 1031 exchange, passive activity losses, basis step up, at-risk or basis issues, to determine if income is adequate to absorb the fruitful depreciation deductions as a result of the upcoming study.
  • We stay on top of key legislation and tax law changes that impact our industry to pass this knowledge onto our clients prospectively not retroactively when it’s often too late.
  • We are passionate, focused, committed and have the continuity in place to ensure quality and integrity go into each and every report. We provide our clients the optimal benefits while being able to back the results up now and into the future.

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